6 Responses to ““Joy Ride” by Sandro: HD Video Shot with New Nikon D800”

  1. virgilstarkwell Says:

    it’s somewhat misleading to post this as a story about the video prowess of the d800 – given that there’s so much more to the quality of the clip what the camera is capable of. there was obviously a decent size crew (to shoot, for example, the head-on shot of the guy riding the bike), god-only-knows what kind of rigs and supports, lighting, sound, etc.

  2. andrew stromotich Says:

    love the birth, f$&kin’ hate the bs, good white boy in a land of scarry brown people narrative (freakin embarrassing negative stereotyping)…
    having said that, the camera looks great, don’t know that it’s any more sensative than my 5d tho…
    when oh when are canon and nikon gonna wake up and supply us with a real life hdsdi option, rather than the lousy hdmi offered now (altho nikon has stepped it up big time with dual hdmi and the ability to fire out preview and capturable stream, but hdsdi could give u 10 bit or 12 or 16 bit, or whatever the chip can do in video)

  3. Russ Bishop Says:

    Love it! MF resolution in a DSLR – the video is just a side benefit.

  4. tonygee Says:

    Puhleeeeeeze. Not sure what’s worse, the tortured ‘storyline’ or the cliche sequence of images. Camera is certainly cool, but this piece isn’t inspiring.

  5. Brad Says:

    This camera is a Nikon, built to stand the test of time and abuse. The new added features bring forth the evolution in video technology. There is no DSLR out there currently that can touch it, not even the Canon 5d Mark II, which at it’s own unveiling was superior to all others. The fight to the top spot continues as Canon will release something greater next and Nikon after, and so on.

    It doesn’t mater how cheesy or stereotypical something is, heck the movie that Vincent Laforet shot with the Canon 5d Mark II was just as bad. It’s the technology of the camera that counts and how much you can push it to it’s limits.

    And if you didn’t love the movie, then go out there and shoot something better, then a bunch of people can comment on how good or bad your efforts were.

  6. Cayton Photography Says:

    Awesome. I don’t even shoot Nikon and already I want one. I may have to make the switch!