Canon Posts Sample Images and Video Shot with EOS-1D X Flagship DSLR

Is it us or does there seem to be a lot of photo gear news happening all of a sudden?

Along with unveiling a trio of new pro lenses earlier in the week, Canon has just posted high resolution sample images and videos shot with its new 18-megapixel Canon EOS-1D X flagship DSLR.

Download a few here, take a look, and tell us what you think of the Canon 1D X’s image and video quality in the comments below.

4 Responses to “Canon Posts Sample Images and Video Shot with EOS-1D X Flagship DSLR”

  1. Mike Says:

    yes.. they are quite pretty.. so what?

    Go show what the camera is capable of in low light situations… I mean really low light situations like crummy football stadiums and horribly lit gyms.

    What’s 12 fps got to do with portraiture?

  2. ken Says:

    I agree with Mike totally … nice asa 800 pretty pics but gosh … practically any camera worth the $ can gettem. We need to see asa 6400 shots n the dark, maybe performance/Broadway show/opera photos, or something a little more challenging. And, since the Nikon does this, what about even higher asa’s?
    These photos don’t sell me.

  3. Ian Bradshaw Says:

    Absolutely agree. I shoot with 1DS Mk3 and definitely want to see the low light quality with the reduced megapixels compares. Not at all interested in your sports or beauty pix lets see some real low light images

  4. Jim Hulin Says:

    Yes, I agree with everyone– let’s see some extremes. My 1Ds MkII is doing just fine in these comparisons. Is sharper HD what we really need in beauty portraiture? That’s why they make soft-focus devices and photoshop– to take the edge off and not show every pore on those “beauty” shots. How about let’s seeing some lo-lit, hi-ISO, images with motion– indoor ice hockey, or basketball games without flash. Night baseball or football games. Show us why we should fork out thousands to get the latest/greatest. I was excited about this new body, but much less so now.