36.3MP Full-Frame Nikon D800 DSLR Makes Official Debut (Exclusive Photos)

Nikon surprised pretty much no one tonight by officially announcing the much anticipated (and much leaked) 36.3-megapixel, full-frame D800 digital SLR.

The D800, which will sell for $2,999 (body only), has been teased by rumors sites on the Internet for several months. There will also be a version without a low-pass (aka “anti-aliasing”) filter, called the Nikon D800E which will sell for $3,299.

The Nikon D800, the successor to the 12MP Nikon D700 from 2008, will go on sale in mid-March. The Nikon D800E, which will be available in limited quantities, will start shipping in mid-April.

Though full details about the new camera(s) have appeared on blogs and websites in the last few days, because PDN signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), we have not been permitted to write about the camera until now. Our NDA, however, did give us some hands-on time with a prototype of the D800 and we were allowed to take exclusive photos of it. Those photos accompany this article.

Overall, the camera is what many people expected: a smaller version of the recently announced Nikon D4, the more rugged and faster 16.2MP flagship DSLR in Nikon’s lineup.

Read more details and see more exclusive photos of the Nikon D800 by clicking here.

12 Responses to “36.3MP Full-Frame Nikon D800 DSLR Makes Official Debut (Exclusive Photos)”

  1. Travis Alex Says:

    Ladies & Gentlemen…

    Take a breathe of fresh air…it’s finally here.


    I’m making my Christmas list early this year…

  2. Pedro M Says:

    I bet nikon Surprised everyone this time, even a Canon User. Resolution it’s a plus for Ad photographers like me. On the other hand, i wonder if the actual lenses support such resolution??

    The answer ‘ll come soon.

    If the lenses can afford this sensor i’ll think twice before upgrading do digital MF.


  3. Andrew L Says:

    I’m a Canon user myself, more of a landscape photographer…and this does definitely surprise me. To my knowledge, Nikon has nothing coming really closer to even 20mp, and then this? Wow…Impressive. As a Canon user, I’m very happy with my cameras, though I do like the tech look of the Nikon cameras. The more complicated, the more impressive, lol.

  4. Andrea Says:

    with so many pix i want to see how much noise there will be…..

  5. Ian Vc Says:

    What will be interesting to see is if this camera has any effect on the price of medium format sensors? They keep coming down. It would be nice to see them come down even faster.

  6. andrew stromotich Says:

    i still can”t understand why nikon and canon haven’t figured out that pro users want hd-sdi, not hdmi… c’mon already!

  7. Michele Says:

    Ian, i’m thinking the same thing. Maybe the price of d700 will fall in the next month. but the price of d800 camera is lower than the expected. We’ll see our Chrismas wish list…

  8. Colombia Tierra Herida Says:

    I don’t have any use for so many pixels, and have much more need of high sensibility… The D4 seems much more adapted to my work, but so expensive… I zqs dreaming of a D700 plus HD video, not too expensive, what a landing down…

  9. patrick john o'doherty Says:

    When printing my landscape images taken with my D700 I was always in need of more resolution. The D800 is just what I need. I do however wonder if I can capture the same or better low light magic that the D700 has blessed me with in the past.

  10. guest Says:

    uh, can you spare me some pixels?

    hmm… no anti alias filter and 16-bit image processing pipeline. sweet!

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  12. Dalaa Ba'Cho Says:

    Not surprised at all seeing that Sony had produced the sensor and agreed to let Nikon debut it before them. I’ve seen some example photos for this beast and they are impressive. Just can’t wait for the Sony version. I imagine Nikon will work the bugs out on the new Tech and the New A99 or A950 will benefit from it… Can’t wait