Sh*t Photographers Say (VIDEO)

Yeah, you know you say ’em too. 😉

20 Responses to “Sh*t Photographers Say (VIDEO)”

  1. Melo Says:

    Not remotely funny. I don’t think I’ve ever said any of those. “I love balloons?” WTF?

  2. Victoria - Whidbey Island Boudoir Photographer Says:

    uber lame

  3. Andy Says:

    Yea wtf, so stupid. Who says any of that? Probably one of the dumbest posts on fstoppers, come on guys! Not even remotely funny

  4. Andy Says:

    I meant pdn not fstoppers

  5. catrina Says:

    Whatever! This is hilarious! Lighten up! Not only do photographers say this stuff all the time but a lot of it was stuff taken directly from photographers he knows. We all found it amusing. Thanks for the laugh Jason!

  6. Carlos Says:

    The (real) funny part is, when the Achilles Tendon is achieve, ALWAYS the denied reaction explodes in “not funny … lame …”.
    This is THE best incarnation of them boss.
    Blessed 2012 … (click-chimp … click-chimp … click-chimp).

  7. Jose Says:

    OMG! This is hilarious, This is what I see 30-50% of my Facebook feed from my Photog friends, this Jason is funny and thanks for the laugh!

  8. pete Says:

    l.a.m.e, boring, shit

  9. marcus Says:

    Not really funny, but I so say most of these phrases, except the balloons and pretty light.
    My most repeated photo phrase is: “Cheap, good or fast, pick two.”

  10. chris lo bue Says:

    Love love love it…
    Nice work Jason
    Keep it up…


  11. Steve Says:

    I guess you have to be American to get this…and it appears that many of them don’t get it either so its officially not funny Universally.

  12. Chris Cohen Says:

    Idiotic video! I’m not sure if he’s considering himself to a higher level as everyone else but let’s not forget, it’s not SH*T photographers simply because you been doing this longer, you too were at that stage, let’s not forget that arrogant photographer!

  13. alex Says:

    was that supposed to be funny?

  14. Ed Hafizov Says:

    Hey guys,

    I did not get the video first, just didn’t get its message, concept. I know Jason personally and wrote to him, telling the truth.

    It took me a bit more time and analysis to understand. First, I was confused by the title, not being a native-English speaking dude. Once I read the title as “Sh*t that us photographers say”, I can smile at it. Jason attempted to make fun of ourselves, including himself, as for some likely phrases we say. He did not mean to laugh at amateur photographers as I thought first (although not being one myself). You may not say “every” of those phrases but perhaps some variations of them?

    Damn, I happened to like balloons at some point, and still not completely over them… Granted, we are all different and some of the phrases will sound dumb to some but he wouldn’t be possible to put together ALL phrases we say. Just an attempt to generalize. Not a perfect attempt but I come to liking it finally. It’s just a friendly parody.


  15. Mike Rowe Says:

    The title is “SH*T photographers say” not “Sh*t that US photographers say” meaning the beginners or un-experienced photographers.. I’m not sure if he was trying to make fun of beginners, compile phrases all beginners eventually ask/say – I heard of babies being fed with a golden spoon, Jason clearly was born with a golden camera stuck far up his *ss, he was born a professional, all hail Jason the Great!

  16. Jay Gough Says:

    Ok…everyone drink a nice warm glass of chill the f$&k out. THEN…get on You Tube and search the video “Sh*t Girls Say”…THEN come back here and Watch Jason’s video again…then pull the sticks outta your asses and relax….

    It’s a parody…if you don’t understand the reference, don’t lash out…educate yourself. If you dont have time to educate yourself, move along.

    Taking yourselves WAY too seriously me thinks!

  17. Patrick Says:

    Ok really if you do not think this if funny, and you can’t make fun of yourself and you are clearly in the wrong business. Show of hands? Any of you that don’t think this if funny ever hear of a dark slide? Lighten up people. It was a joke. It was fun, it wasn’t meant to win any Oscars

  18. Pablo Vasquez Says:

    Just came across this post from a share on FB. I’m trying to understand the video and it’s intent but clearly, before I make an assumption, I now need to (per Jay) research other videos on YouTube, parodies, and a ‘dark side’ to this video before making the assumption that this is some arrogant individual?

    Let the Googlin’ begin

  19. ph_kitty Says:

    that’s some serious chimping going on there too!

  20. Ellen Petty Says:

    OMG, Jason you are HI-larious.