CES/PMA 2012: Hands On with the New 16.2MP Full-Frame Nikon D4 Professional DSLR

Things just got interesting again. Yes, as has been rumored and leaked for several weeks (months?) now, Nikon just officially unveiled its new flagship professional digital SLR: the Nikon D4, which uses a 16.2-megapixel FX-format (aka full-frame) CMOS sensor that can shoot at up to 11 frames per second and capture full 1080p HD video.

The D4, which is the successor to the 12.1MP D3s announced back in 2009, will start shipping in late February 2012 for $5999.95. So start counting your pennies now!

The announcement of the new Nikon D4 comes several months after Canon also announced a new flagship professional DSLR, the 18MP Full-Frame EOS-1D X. Though the 12-frames-per-second shooting, 1080p-capable Canon 1D X was announced back in October, it won’t start shipping until March 2012 and will sell for quite a bit more than the Nikon D4: $6,800.

The Nikon D4 will makes its debut at the CES show in Las Vegas next week.

To read more details about the D4 including our hands-on preview, click here.

5 Responses to “CES/PMA 2012: Hands On with the New 16.2MP Full-Frame Nikon D4 Professional DSLR”

  1. kinematic Says:

    I cry BS on this quote:

    “The main reason? Heiner says the XQD cards will have such fast write and read speeds, they will improve the recording of 1080p HD video, which is the Nikon D4′s forte.”

    Even with 57Mb/s rate of the 5Dmk2 and the hacked version of the 83 Mb/s rate of Panasonic GH2 HD video, it comes no where close to 30MB/s cards. I say this is just a great marketing spin on trying to get people to move to this format.

  2. Nikon D4 Official Specifications Says:

    […] wppa_bgcolor_img = "#eeeeee";wppa_popup_nolink = false;wppa_fadein_after_fadeout = false;wppa_animation_speed = 600;wppa_imgdir = "http://jordanbushphoto.com/blog/wp-content/plugins/wp-photo-album-plus/images/";wppa_auto_colwidth = false;wppa_thumbnail_area_delta = 9;wppa_textframe_delta = 179;wppa_box_delta = 16;wppa_ss_timeout = 2500;wppa_preambule = 4;wppa_thumbnail_pitch = 104;wppa_filmstrip_margin = 2;wppa_filmstrip_area_delta = 60;wppa_film_show_glue = true;wppa_slideshow = "Slideshow";wppa_start = "Start";wppa_stop = "Stop";wppa_photo = "Photo";wppa_of = "of";wppa_prevphoto = "Prev. photo";wppa_nextphoto = "Next photo";wppa_username = "";wppa_rating_once = false;For all my fellow camera nerds out there, the official specifications for the Nikon D4 are available here in PDF format, straight out of Malaysia. Haven’t seen it available for preorder on Adorama or B&H Photo yet. Digital Photography Review has an article posted already here, as well as PDN Pulse, found here. […]

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