CES/PMA 2012: Corel Announces AfterShot Pro RAW Imaging Workflow Software

Corel entered the professional photography photo management software market this morning with its new Corel AfterShot Pro imaging workflow software.

The software is designed to compete with Adobe Lightroom and Apple Aperture but is priced at just $99. And unlike some Corel products in the past, it’s Mac-compatible along with being friendly with Windows and Linux-based computers.

AfterShot Pro is based on technology from Bibble Labs, which Corel acquired last year. The software is designed to be optimized to work with multi-core and multi-CPU promises to deliver fast RAW processing and color accurate images.

According to Corel, “AfterShot Pro offers workflow capabilities that enable you to work with photos virtually any way you want, such as quickly accessing images from existing file folders or memory cards or importing them into searchable catalogs.”

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