Video of Wave Destroying Canon 5D Mark II at (Where Else?) Cannon Beach

Man, this sucks.

Filmmaker Kurtis Hough was shooting the Pacific Ocean with his Canon 5D Mark II at (irony of ironies) Cannon Beach in Oregon when a wave took down his entire rig.

Hough documented the DSLR-eating wave in a short film entitled “how to lose $2,400 in 24 seconds” that we’ve embedded below. Warning: it’s not for the faint of heart.

The good news is that the folks at B&H Photo saw Kurtis’ video, took pity on him and generously gave him a replacement camera.

“We were taken with the video and recognized Kurtis was a customer who’d had a singular experience, and endured a substantial financial loss, but was nevertheless good-humored enough to post the video,” Henry Posner of B&H Photo told PDNPulse. “We’re very happy we were able to reach out to Kurtis and help him recover from this. We hope he puts his new camera to good (and safer) use with even more engaging results.”

Whether Kurtis plans a return trip to Canon, er, Cannon Beach with his new camera remains to be seen.

9 Responses to “Video of Wave Destroying Canon 5D Mark II at (Where Else?) Cannon Beach”

  1. Armando Says:

    I am not related to Mr. Kurtis, but I want to thank you on behald of B&H coustumers for a nice gesture. Let us fight greed and show kindness.
    Happy holydays,

  2. Anthony Says:

    It was a very nice gesture by B&H. It was also a smart gesture business-wise. Good job B&H x2.

  3. Elizabeth Lucantonio Says:

    It is heartwarming to see kindness demonstrated especially during these times when we seldom hear about such things! Good job B&H x3

  4. it’s FRIDAY! | TheYouFinder: A Style and Inspiration Blog from Washington DC Says:

    […] to lose $2362 (Canon 5D Mark II)  in 20 seconds. This literally hurts just watching […]

  5. ViolatesDarwin'sLaw Says:

    why didnt he simply pick camera up why should stupidity be rewarded why not give ten canon rebels to inner city young adults with career ambitions i am purposely not buying from bh for as long as i can

  6. Vincent Says:

    The previous post by a B&H competitor is a clear example of why it’s always best to buy from a class act like B&H.

  7. WestCoastJim Says:

    B & H has always been a class act. Nice (timely marketing) gesture. Really.
    Cannon Beach is just up the coast from my beach house and sneaker waves are common. So common that I have to eye roll at the shooter being so unaware.
    But regardless all good outcome. Video. Lesson learned. B & H: good.

  8. David Says:

    Last summer i was shooting in NYC when my favorite lens jammed. I happened to be close to B&H and I went there intending to buy a new lens. The guys at the counter suggested I first try to get it fixed and they sent me to a shop a block away. The repair people took pity on me and had my lens fixed in less than an hour. (that’s another story)
    I am a big B&H fan!

  9. Andrew Says:

    Is this an advertorial for B&H…..I’m confused?