Nikon Unveils SB-910 Speedlight Flash That Won’t Shut Down During Overheating

Nikon released a new top-of-the-line speedlight flash for digital SLRs tonight: the SB-910, which will begin selling in mid-December for $549.95. The new SB-910 replaces the SB-900.

The new SB-910 speedlight flash has a few new features from the previous model, including these three main changes:

• A new GUI (Graphic User Interface) that’s much like the SB-700 flash. The buttons on the SB-910 light up, which helps for working in the dark.

• The thermal cut-out function on the SB-910 has changed. With the SB-900, the flash shut down prematurely when it would overheat to save the flash head. This feature drove some photographers crazy since it would often prevent the ability to fire the flash in certain situations.

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