Canon Unveils New Cinema EOS C300 Camera in Hollywood (Updated)

Canon took the wraps off its first cinema-level camera in Hollywood today: the C300. The new new Cinema EOS C300 body is an unusual looking device, resembling both a cinema camera and a digital SLR.

It’s presumably designed to take on other compact, run-and-gun cinema cameras such as the Red Epic and Arri Alexa. The Canon Cinema EOS C300 was unveiled at Hollywood’s Paramount Studios in a packed room that included Canon executives, journalists, and directors and cinematographers including Martin Scorsese.

According to DVInfo,  the Canon C300 will actually include two bodies: one with an EF lens mount and one with a PL mount. The cameras will use a Super-35mm 4K CMOS sensor and will record 1080p30 to Compact Flash cards with the existing Canon XF 50Mbps, 4:2:2 MPEG2 codec, DVInfo reported.

For more info and to view online demo footage of the new products visit:

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7 Responses to “Canon Unveils New Cinema EOS C300 Camera in Hollywood (Updated)”

  1. jenna manni Says:

    Don’t know how to react – Indie filmmakers were looking for a Video replacement for for the 5d Mark II – this looks like a replace for SOny f3. Looks like the 5d Mark ii, Nikon DSLRs, Fs100 and AF100 camcorders are not affected in any way. Would have really loved a 6k pricepoint camcorder – but 16K is just too much for 1080p camcorder… This camera is not for My kind of budget tight Filmmakers…when there are reasonable alternatives.

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  3. Ambrose Pierce Says:

    Wow, I had a lot of hope for RED when it was first introduced, and was willing to invest in their ideas. However, within the first year, I was turned off by Jim Jannard’s over-inflated sense of self importance and utter arrogance that I just gave up. Every so often I visit the RED site and see promises still not delivered. I’m glad that Canon stepped up to the plate and finally made what RED has been promising for so many years. I’m all for slaying Goliath, but when David is a snarky, self-absorbed Jobs wannabe, I’ll take Goliath any day. Canon just buried RED.

  4. chris Says:

    For really low budget filmmakers who have no need for 2k + resolutions i think that renting this camera with lenses and support systems and other misc. items, it could be really good at least spec wise. (dynamic range low noise more pro files) i mean it is a very big upgrade from 5D MKII and still way under a RED but there are some people that would love a product like this. It will be interesting to see what happens when it actually comes out.

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