Dramatic Photo Shows Sony Plant in Thailand Almost Completely Underwater

A week ago we reported about the massive flooding in Thailand from monsoon rains that had killed hundreds of people and paralyzed imaging plants for Nikon, Canon, and Sony. Things don’t look any better this week as this dramatic photo of an almost completely submerged Sony plant in the Bangkadi Industrial Park in Thailand shows.

According to the Bangkok Post, the flooding in the Bangkadi Industrial Park alone has caused damages estimated at 30 billion Thai Bhat (about $1 billion USD). The mayor of the Bangkadi municipality predicted the floodwaters wouldn’t recede for another month and it would take three additional months to rehabilitate the industrial park. A massive wave of water surged into the park last week after a dyke protecting the area burst, the Post reported. Luckily, no one was injured

“The floodwater came in so fast that we didn’t have time to run and it was incredibly high,” said a worker who was with the last batch of people to be evacuated.

As if things couldn’t get any worse, crocodiles are now apparently roaming free in the flooded waters outside Bangkok and terrorizing residents. One croc even had a deadly encounter with a police officer.

“The crocodile reared its head above the water and the police officer used his 9mm to shoot it in the head,” reported the Thai Rath newspaper.

Check out a photo of a captured crocodile here.

(Sony story via David Etchells of Imaging Resource.)

3 Responses to “Dramatic Photo Shows Sony Plant in Thailand Almost Completely Underwater”

  1. michael v Says:

    Just correcting you, 30Billion TBH is 1 Billion USD (rounded up) not 1 Million USD.

  2. pam Says:

    Is that the sound of Sony prices going up here in the states.

    What horrible news isn’t Canon located in the same industrial park?

  3. Dan Havlik Says:

    Michael V – Thank you. I have updated the story.