War Photographer, the Video Game?

Well, this is certainly an interesting take on the “first person shooter” type war video game. An Australia-based company called Defiant Development has created a video game called Warco: The News Game where the goal is to capture images and videos of scenes of war and then edit them into a story.

Another unique angle is that the game’s main Warco, i.e. “war correspondent” character, Jesse DeMarco, is a woman. (Pretty unusual for a war-based video game.)

Here’s how the game is described on Defiant’s site.

WARCO lets players shoot and record what they see ‘through the lens’ – framing shots, panning and zooming, grabbing powerful images of combatants and civilians caught up in war. They’ve got AK-47s and rocket-propelled grenades – you’ve got a flak jacket, a video camera, and a burning desire to get the story. Every game space is embedded with multiple objectives and story leads for journalist Jesse DeMarco to find – a scoop if she’s smart, mortal danger if she drops her guard. Record dramatic images of war, save them in-game, then edit the results into a compelling frontline TV news story. Beam the results to global audiences on the web.

From the screen shots and trailer for Warco (see below) it seems the correspondent is a video journalist, not a still photographer.

We’re wondering though what PDN readers think of the concept of making a photojournalist the focus of a war-based video game. Good idea? Bad idea? Can’t wait to get your hands on the game?

(via Laughing Squid)

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