Pulitzer Winner Larry Price Quits Newspaper in Protest

Veteran photographer Larry Price has quit his job as director of photography for the Dayton Daily News rather than carry out an order from management to fire half of the paper’s photographers, according to a recent article in the Dayton Business Journal.

“I’ve watched this happen in newspapers year after year now. I’ve had many, many friends that have been affected, many stellar journalists,” Price told the Dayton Business Journal. “These people are my group. They’re my friends. They’re my colleagues. I’ve asked so much of them in the four years I’ve been here. Every time, they’ve stepped up to the plate and delivered. It wasn’t a decision I could make in good conscience.”

The article goes on to explain how the morale and integrity of the photo department were slowly eroded by management decisions, according to Price. For instance, he was told that a photograph of a girl with tears in her eyes at a candlelight vigil was too emotional.

“The new prerogative, as it was explained to me, was to dumb down the photo report, to pull back and show crowd photographs,” Price is quoted as saying.

Price won a Pulitzer Prize for Spot News Photography in 1981 for his coverage of the coup in Liberia for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, and a Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography in 1985 for his photographs of the wars in Angola and El Salvador for The Philadelphia Inquirer. He was recruited from the Denver Post four years ago to head the photo department at the Dayton Daily News.

8 Responses to “Pulitzer Winner Larry Price Quits Newspaper in Protest”

  1. mikep Says:

    It is so disappointing to see what has happened to (photo) journalism over the years.

    Newspapers and magazines that are making plenty of money are cutting the guts out of reporting just so the new “corporate” bosses can have their greed satisfied.

    The ever increasing “corporate” managed “news”. It is no surprise people are very suspicious of the main stream news media these days. If you follow the money you can predict the coverage…. or lack of it.

    Most frustrating of all is the lack of connection between doing a good job and financial success. Murdoch and Fox have pretty much killed legitimate journalism.

  2. Mark Says:

    Newspapers like the Dayton are simply cutting their own throat. Newspapers are in trouble no doubt and staff cut backs are necessary. Why though would they “dumb down” photography as quoted? More generic shots mean more of the same thing and looking just like every other newspaper. Newspapers need new formats and they need images that captivate the viewer. Unfortunately unless the newspapers can fine enough funding and be creative with what they have to offer it is all really a moot point. They will fail.

  3. John Fulton Says:

    Any newspaper would do well to have a photo director of the caliber of Larry Price. He has the compassion, experience and mental toughness to run a great photo department. He’s a very humble guy who is interested in the best photo report for the readers. To put him in this position is short sighted and silly. But, short sighted and silly, is what many newspapers do best today.

  4. Pam Smith Says:

    You are my hero. It’s about time someone with your credentials stepped up.

  5. Hugh J. Says:

    Pretty rare to see someone of this kind of integrity these days. My respect to you, sir.

  6. Najlah Feanny Says:

    Support Larry and the thousands of journalists across the country who stand up with integrity. Share your stories at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Journalists-Speak-Out/187269311341472

  7. Rebeckah Vaughan Says:

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  8. Brian Says:

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