Fuji Announces Retro-Style X10 Compact Camera with Larger Sensor

Fujifilm officially unveiled a smaller, companion digital camera to its retro-style X100 this morning: the 12-megapixel Fuji X10. The Fuji X10 uses a larger 2/3-inch EXR CMOS sensor that’s designed to shoot higher quality images in low light.

The Fuji X10 camera, which is scheduled to go on sale in November at an as-yet undisclosed price, also has an attached (i.e. non-interchangeable) 4x zoom lens (28-122mm) manual zoom lens that’s capable of achieving a maximum aperture of f/2.0 at the wide end. At the telephoto end, its maximum aperture is f/2.8.

But where the Fuji X100 was aimed more at advanced photographers and pros, the smaller X10 is more for the prosumer or photo enthusiast crowd, said David Troy, a director of marketing at Fujifilm.

“It’s solid and lightweight,” Troy said of the X10. “And it’s configured in a way that really goes to the enthusiast or to someone who has a passion for photography.”

The 2/3-inch sensor is an unusual one, larger than what’s in a typical point-and-shoot camera but smaller than the digital SLR-size APS-C sensor that’s in the X100, Troy said.

Other notable specs on the Fuji X10 including it’s shooting speed: 7 frames per second (fps) at full resolution or 10fps at medium resolution. Shutter lag is rated by Fuji at 1/100th of a second. Start time to first shot on the X10 is under a second, according to Fuji.

“Everything about his camera just screams, never miss a shot,” Troy said, while noting that the camera’s twist-barrel manual zoom “makes it extremely fast and extremely precise.”

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