Vimeo Launches Professional Video Service

Video-sharing site Vimeo announced this morning it has added a professional version of its service aimed at photographers and other small businesses.

Called Vimeo PRO, the service costs $199 for the year and will allow photographers to create galleries of their videos using templates and themes.

The video galleries will be hosted by Vimeo but photographers can post them directly to their own websites and use their own branding and logos. Vimeo PRO will be entirely separate from the general community.

The $199 annual flate fee gives you 50GB of storage and 250,000 video plays. You can also buy more storage in 50GB increments for $199 and additional plays in increments of 100,000 for $199.

Vimeo PRO will be available on Vimeo’s site today, starting at 1pm EST.

5 Responses to “Vimeo Launches Professional Video Service”

  1. Vimeo Launches Professional Video Service | Global Community of Photography Says:

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  2. Dude Says:

    Wow expensive! Just build your own.

  3. Travis Alex Photo Says:

    Is this a joke? $199 a year? For what?

    I guess Vimeo didn’t QUITE get the memo that photographers already pay around $200-$800 in subscription services already such as ASMP and PPA. As well as website space and professional light boxes. At least those secondary services give me reasons to be there, not just social networking needs.

    $200 a year for “PRO VIDEO” embedding and making custom layouts? Big deal.
    Tumblr beat you to that 2 years ago guys, come on now.

    This is WAY overpriced and not needed.

  4. MilMil Says:

    I guess one of the benefits is that your content will be delivered via Vimeo’s Content Delivery Network? As opposed to hosting your own, which would be slow in different countries. Still seems a lot though

  5. Jonathan Ivy Says:

    I don’t know much about bandwidth, but $200 for 250k plays seems expensive. Since I can buy animoto for $250 for unlimited everything and they create video content not just play video.