If Photography is Dead…

Why are there still so many boring panel discussions and blog articles asking if photography is dead?

Joerg Colberg, creator of the photography blog Conscientious, confronts this question head on in a new YouTube video. His solution: We admit photography is over. “I think it was good while it lasted,” Colberg deadpans for the camera.

Of course this leaves some issues unresolved. Like, what should Colberg do with all his photography books? And what else can we discuss in seminars and panels? The death of Facebook?

Colberg’s declaration of the death of photography has been met with good cheer. As one commenter on Colberg’s video says, “Now that that question is over, we can go out and take pictures.”

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7 Responses to “If Photography is Dead…”

  1. Björn Luminaire Says:

    Photography isn’t dead among those of us with Imagination.

  2. If Photography is Dead… | Global Community of Photography Says:

    […] TweetCONTINUE READING TO SOURCE If Photography is Dead… […]

  3. WW Says:

    Finally we can talk about unicorns…. I can’t wait.

  4. Larry D Says:

    First God and NOW, Photography??!! What next ?????!!!!! So what do I do now for a living ?????? And what do I do with my 375,000-image travel stock photo library ????

    Larry Dunmire (949) 673-4058

  5. Jim Felt Says:

    What a hoot! And don’t forget the old chestnut “God isn’t dead but she sure is pissed!”
    That said some peeps have waaay too much time on their hands.
    If you’re actually a working professional shooter this issue is a non starter. If you’re an observer, great, by all means continue “observing”… And buying great cameras so we who actually need them for our profession can continue to afford them.

  6. William Gray Says:

    Seems the sound department is dead too.

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