How Leica Lenses Are Made (VIDEO)

Speaking of Leica lenses, here’s a brief video about how these pricey pieces of glass are made.

While the video is clearly Leica marketing propaganda, it’s hard not to be impressed with the precision with which these products are made. We particularly like how the F/stops are hand filed in with an ultrasonic drill. Sweet.

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  2. Scott Weaver Says:

    What surprises me is how human-centered their process is – I almost find it difficult to believe that some of what the technicians are doing manually could not be done with greater precision by a computer driven ‘robot’ device. I doubt that a BMW engine could have it’s fuel injection system hand-assembled and checked, for example. Perhaps someone can correct me on this.

    It is certainly quite inspiring, I must say.

  3. Ki joon Kim Says:

    It is awesome. Hmm… Sweet Ad.