Is Submitting Local/Regional Work to “Who’s Shooting What” a Waste of Time?

This was a question raised today by a photographer from Boston who wrote, “From what I see on Who’s Shooting What, one needs to submit a national campaign, be a famous photographer or the subject must be a celebrity.”

For the uninitiated, our Who’s Shooting What column is a bi-weekly round-up of photographers and creatives behind current ad campaigns (and very occasionally, editorial shoots). The column appears behind our pay wall, so it’s available to subscribers only, although anyone can submit work to be published.

The short answer to the Boston photographer’s question is No, it is not a waste of time to submit work to Who’s Shooting What. We publish most of what is submitted. But the criticism is well taken: much of the work featured in the column is by photographers in LA and New York, and yes, the lead items have featured celebrities recently.

The primary reasons that Who’s Shooting What features so much work by photographers from LA and New York is because their reps stay in touch, and because national ad campaigns (which are so frequently shot by NY and LA photographers) are most visible to us. To find out what photographers in Chicago, Boston, Philly, and elsewhere are shooting, and then report that work in Who’s Shooting What, we need to hear from those photographers.

That said, submissions stand the best chance of appearing in the Who’s Shooting What column if the work is for advertising (not editorial) and it is recent. In addition, the production values should be high, the art direction should be good, and the ads shouldn’t be too seasonal, or for clients that are so small that they are unlikely to be looking for other photographic talent.

Those are all subjective criteria, of course, but the bottom line is that we strongly encourage submissions from photographers from all over the country, and we try to publish as much as we can. If you would like us to consider your recent assignment work, click here for Who’s Shooting What submission information.

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