If Whistler’s Mother Had Worn Stilettos

This new fashion spread features high production values, detailed styling, great lighting, lots of imagination… And it induces giggles, as fashion photography often does.

Photographer Peter Lippmann, known for exquisite still lifes, has re-interpreted several well known paintings, by Zubaran, Whistler, de la Tour and others. In each photo, he’s placed a shoe or handbag from the 2011 collection of luxury fashion designer Christian Louboutin. The idea seems to be that Louboutin’s sculpted, bejeweled and befeathered shoes and clutch purses are works of art.

What strikes us funny is that none of the models in the photos are actually wearing the shoes — they’re holding them in their laps, gazing lovingly at them as they sit on a table or carrying them atop a tray of fruit.  That’s probably wise, because posing in those heels could hurt. And people who collect Louboutin’s red-soled creations aren’t really interested in their practicality.

Still, it would have been nice if Whistler’s mother had spiced up that dowdy outfit of hers with a pair of roccia leather ankle boots with studded piping. After all, she’s got a foot rest.

All photos © Peter Lippmann

Via StyleBubble.co.uk

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