PDN Video Pick: S’mores Anyone?

Photographer Craig Cutler has been working on a personal project (CC52) for a while now where once a week for a full year he will create new work. Here’s a look at Week 4: Marshmallows. (Equipment: RED ONE Mysterium-X Camera, 85mm Prime lens. Shot at f4, 2K resolution, 100 fps. Food styling by Victoria Granof.)

Marshmallow from Craig Cutler on Vimeo.

4 Responses to “PDN Video Pick: S’mores Anyone?”

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  2. Stephanie Albanese Says:

    very clever… you just made me smile I will be looking forward to the rest

  3. Stockland Martel Says:

    Hi, Jackie. Actually, Craig will be creating new work each week, and sometimes it will be motion and other times photos—and who knows what else. It’s not predetermined, which adds to the anticipation: You never know what he’ll do the next week. People can read a bit more about CC52 and follow it at this link at the Stockland Martel blog: http://stocklandmartelblog.com/category/cc52/.

    Thanks for the post!

    Stockland Martel

  4. Jacqueline Tobin Says:

    Thanks Kristina! Sorry for the error. I have corrected the copy above and included a link to Stockland Martel blog explaining the project in more detail. Thanks!