Nikon Says Japan Quake Has Not Altered Availability of Cameras in U.S.

Rumors made the rounds on the Internet this week that Nikon would be cancelling one of its point-and-shoot cameras, the Coolpix S4100, as a result of the earthquake in Japan. Not exactly true, it turns out.

According to a spokesperson for Nikon USA we communicated with, though the release of the 14MP camera and its slightly higher-end counterpart, the 16MP Coolpix S6100, have been cancelled for Japan, the two Coolpix models are available in the U.S. and the rest of “the Americas.”

Here’s the quote we got from Nikon USA:

“The Nikon COOLPIX S4100 and S6100 cameras are available in the Americas. As recently reported by Nikon Corporation, sales of these products are being discontinued in some markets however availability of these products in the Americas will not be impacted.”

Though that news is somewhat encouraging for photographers worried about limited supplies of photo gear because of the Japan quake, camera manufacturers have clearly been affected by the disaster. How much so, we’re still trying to figure out.

If you’ve noticed any recent shortage of photography supplies in your area, please leave a comment below.

11 Responses to “Nikon Says Japan Quake Has Not Altered Availability of Cameras in U.S.”

  1. Stefano Aguiar Says:

    One doesn’t need to go far with that. D700s are out of stock at majors B&H and Adorama, and prices have risen at eBay.

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  3. James Says:

    I am a camera dealer and I can tell you this is 100% damage control by Nikon Japan. ALL shipments to and from Nikon USA have been affected, quite dramatically. Many cameras and lenses are shipping in quantities at a fraction of the percentage that they were before the disaster. This is just so that they don’t appear weak to competitors like Canon, who is in the same boat. I’m not usually one to comment on these types of stories, but to hear a statement like this from Nikon Japan and be receiving information 100% different from our local and national Nikon reps is quite frankly offensive.

  4. Thomas Falkowski Says:

    If that is the case… why can you not find a d700 or a d300s?

    Last I saw the next product release was for late summer / early fall.

    Seems silly to let the competition snatch up potential customers simply because new models are in the pipeline.

  5. Kyle Says:

    Are you kidding? $100 to anyone that can find a new usa model d700, d3s, or d3x in stock at a legit dealer and not price gouging.

  6. T. C. Knight Says:

    Prices for Nikon lenses and camera’s on EBay has seen a jump in the last couple of months. Especially the popular lenses like the 24-85mm and the 70-300 VR.

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  8. Rick N Says:

    Had been watching in-stock posts for a while, and (after seeing the impact on Sendai) bought what may have been the last available D3s a few days (as I recall) after the quake when it’s availability was down to one retailer. A few hours later it wasn’t ANYWHERE, and as far as I know still isn’t.

  9. Lainey Says:

    Go read if you want to know the real deal about Nikon camera availability. Love Nikon, and will hang on until they ship again or bring out the D800.

  10. Mark Hanson Says:

    The d700 is in stock at B&H right now according to their website and the D3s is available at Adorama according to their website.

  11. Kolman Rosenberg Says:

    The D3s, D700, and D300s are all available from Dodd Camera in the Cleveland and Dayton, OH areas.