Everyone run! He's got an Olympus PEN camera!

We thought our local news was sensationalistic but get a load of this story out of WBZ-TV in Boston. According to the news anchor in this video, “it is strange behavior and it is raising red flags in downtown Boston.”

So what exactly has got Beantown in an uproar? People are taking pictures! On the street! Or, excuse us, according to the anchor, these photographers are taking “unusual pictures of people going by” in Boston’s Downtown Crossing.

What’s worse? Some of these guys are of the older set and they have cameras. Are they dirty old men? Perverts? What could they possibly be doing with these photos?

You’ll find no real incriminating answers in this piece. To us, they just seem like photographers taking pictures for their own artistic enjoyment. Or maybe they’re aspiring Bill Cunninghams snapping photos of fashionable shoes?

The point is WBZ-TV, the same laws that protect you from filming your TV news segments in downtown Boston, protect those guys’ rights to take pictures in public places. Film at 11.

UPDATE: Here is a response from one of the photographers who was a focus of the WBZ-TV piece: http://thephotorecession.webs.com/index.htm

(Via Gizmodo.)

(Further reading: “Street Photographer Harassed by Police for Taking Photos in Times Square” in PDNPulse.)




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