Tim Hetherington Killed In Libya, Others Injured

©Matt Stuart--Photojournalist Tim Hetherington

Photojournalist Tim Hetherington was killed today in Libya while covering the fighting between rebels and troops loyal to Colonel Muammar Qaddafi, The New York Times has confirmed. Hetherington reportedly died after being hit by rocket fire in the city of Mistra.

Getty Images has confirmed that staff photographer Chris Hondros was injured in the same attack, and is in serious condition. The Times says that photographer Guy Martin was also seriously injured, and that photographer Michael Christopher Brown suffered injuries that were less serious.

We will post updates as we gather more information.

Obituary: Tim Hetherington

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  1. Tim Hetherington Killed In Libya, Others Injured | Global Community of Photography Says:

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  2. Col. Korn Says:

    My Dear Friends and Comrades,

    Tim Was a REAL Combat Journalist.

    All you whippersnappers who think you know all about Combat need to see his film, “Restrepo”. That will straiten you out if nothin else will. I can tell you, The way these armchair Journalists in London say he got hit?, it was most likely ten times worse and filled with more agony then their paper could ever hold.

    Tim was no Spring Chicken and knew the dangers of Combat well. So, let that be a lesson to all who decide on the path to high adventure: If someone like Tim Hetherington could buy the farm, then anyone can, at any time. Know the true risks before you buy that Canon 7D and a set O Marspec from Sportsmans guide!

    On a Battlefield the enemy just shoots and asks questions later. Thats a Fact and nobody is immune and no sign that says “Journalist, dont shoot” can save you from an Artillery officer who’s Four Miles away sippin Tea while he’s a readin the Mecca Times.

    You know, Tim had quite a good run…Better than Most and never lied to try to build himself up. The Stark reality of War was his canvas and his paint was the Blood, Sweat and Tears of its Victims. Hellofa Artist…Hellofa Man.

    May he rest in Peace in the everlasting Glory of God Almighty. We will all Miss his special Elixir of Honesty, Simplicity, Horse Sense and Courage.

    Your Obt. Svt.
    Col. Korn,
    Chief O Mayhem In the Great WW-2 and the Cold War,
    Now Chief O Sanitation, Security an the Complaint Dept.
    OXOjamm Studios,
    (P.S. See his film, “Restrepo”, Hear me?!)