PDN Video Pick: Mountain Surfing

If you’ve ever dreamed of flying like a bird, here’s your chance. “Mountain Surfing” takes you on a thrilling FPV (First Person View) flight via remote controlled (R/C) plane over and around some snow-covered Alpine peaks, including the Matterhorn. This is one of a series of flight videos by Team BlackSheep, a duo that tags itself as “The R/C Daredevils.” Because some R/C enthusiasts are blaming them for attracting unwanted regulatory attention, Team BlackSheep has requested that we not disclose their real names. (Warning: if you’re prone to motion sickness or don’t like heights, this may not be the video for you.)

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4 Responses to “PDN Video Pick: Mountain Surfing”

  1. Jerry Capro Says:

    c’est nul

  2. Copyright Police Says:

    I sure hope PDN confirmed Team Blacksheep secured the rights to use the music. It would be truly a same if PDN would contribute to copyright infringement.

  3. tugbote Says:

    Excellent idea and pretty well constructed/edited.

    A little overdone with the ‘theme’ music, though. Kinda ruined it for me.

  4. Copyright Says:

    +1 on the copyright question.

    Too many people, even creatives, still don’t understand that you just can’t appropriate anything you want.