PDN Video Pick: Strawberry Queens, by Brian Finke

Brian Finke originally photographed a story called “The Strawberry Girls” on assignment for The New Yorker magazine. “The subject matter was brilliant,” says Finke, “the teenage girls in their giant red ball gown dresses, getting ready and running around town, in Plant City, Florida. It really reminded me of [my] Cheerleading series.”

Finke decided to revisit the subject during a recent festival and pageant, re-examining the subject matter and similar situations but this time with video. “Capturing those personal moments and translating my bold use of color and exaggerated moments into this other medium was very important to me.”

After shooting almost 10 hours of tape, Finke says he worked with an editor, Brad Kronz, and edited the piece down to three minutes. Then he worked a musician who wrote the score to create fun, playful music to match the feeling of being at the festival.

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