PDN Video Pick: Never Seen The Sea (Laia Abril for COLORS)

This is the story of Sebta, who belongs to the Abu Eid Tribe from the Bekka Valley in Lebanon. The video was made by photographer Laia Abril for COLORS magazine issue #77 (The Sea) when the magazine’s editorial team took seven people to the sea for the first time. Abril, who shot both stills and video for the project, started shooting multimedia stories for COLORS in 2010. Here she used a Canon EOS 5D Mark II with an external microphone. (The final video was edited by Pablo Pastor and Bryce Licht.)

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  1. Trademark Litigation Says:

    Here is a similar story

    An amazing photojournalist from barcelona.

    more and more young, talented and determined women are becoming recognised in the industry.

    I’m inspired by this thought, by her and others female photojournalists.

    Maisie Crow, Chloe Dewe Mathews, Anastasia Taylor – Lind and Rachel Mummery, to name a few.