Friday Fun: The Fitness Republic of China, by Christopher Wahl

Posted by on Friday March 18, 2011 | Fun

Corporate photographer Christopher Wahl shot this video in a park in Shanghai, China, on one of his days off. He used a Canon EOS 1D Mark IV and turned the whole piece into a microsite of nonstop repetitious exercise movements,  http://www.the (rollover each individual frame on the site to hear the accompanying audio. “I was inspired by how a simple movement and the initial act of practice is reflective in the lives of many living in China,” Wahl says. His favorite is the man in the blue sweatsuit shaking his posterior. What’s yours?

All images © Christopher Wahl




In Honor of World Photography Day, Here’s the Most Popular PDN Photos of the Day

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Your Favorite Hip Hop Photo Book is Now a Coloring Book

Posted by on Wednesday August 10, 2016 | Fun

Back in the Days, photographer Jamel Shabazz’s classic photo book on 1980s street style and the roots of hip hop culture, has never been in out of print since it was published in 2001. Now Shabazz’s collection of street photography is getting a fun remix. Book publisher powerHouse Books, which published the original Back in... More