PDN Video Pick: Jim Krantz Goes The Way of The West

Photographer Jim Krantz spent four days in the Colorado mountains working with an extensive crew, a RED Camera, and the Canon EOS 5D on a job which also resulted in a piece for himself called “The Way of The West,” consisting of a mini booklet and accompanying DVD. “I was the project’s  live-action director and still photographer,” Krantz says. “That process allowed me to shoot photos, capture live-action footage and later, pull stills from the RED camera motion footage.”  To read more about what Krantz terms his “transmedia” promo, check out Right Stuff in PDN’s May print issue.

8 Responses to “PDN Video Pick: Jim Krantz Goes The Way of The West”

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  2. joe Says:

    wow. that music sucks! the editing is a little off putting for such a beautiful subject but the music takes it beyond ludicrous.

  3. other joe Says:

    Yeah… i agree with the first joe… insane techno + rapid cuts = brain overload I think i would have enjoyed some epic music and super slow-mo cowboys. Also for a promo reel, I’m not sure if he is promoting himself as an editor, shooter, or musician… because all three are done in overkill

  4. anonymous Joe Says:

    agreed – that was too too – but I’m sure it will win awards and stuff – see why we love bad photography – http://www.aphotoeditor.com/2011/02/22/why-we-love-bad-photography/

  5. Ed Says:

    Cool video. Abysmal music.

  6. jh Says:

    i agree. The music is terrible

  7. Ken Says:

    Some great shots and cool editing. The music doesn’t work for me either…it’s conflicting with the images. Maybe we have such a deep rooted sense of the cowboy that it throws us…but that could be the point.

  8. Andrew Says:

    Without seeing other comments my first thought was that the editing is horrible. Looks like it was the done by the guy who does promos for Spike tv, or UFC or something; jerky Gen-x, A.D.D. cuts. I can’t tell if there was a single good image in the entire promo because they were all on the screen for a tenth of a sec, or ruined by some cheesy film melting effect. Oh yeah, the trance RF music blows too.

    So much potential, Totally missed the mark.