Friday Fun: Amateur Wedding Photos FAIL

No, just because you own a Canon Digital Rebel doesn’t mean you should become a wedding photographer. To wit, check out these horrendous amateur wedding photos and try to understand why any self-respecting bride or groom would settle for paying less when booking a photographer.

Some wedding pros we know might do well to link to this page on their website to prove to clients how bad it can get if they decide to go the cheap route.

8 Responses to “Friday Fun: Amateur Wedding Photos FAIL”

  1. Ian Livesey Says:

    Horrid images, of course.

    But am confused as you say both ‘amateur’ and the ‘cheap route’ in the description. No matter how cheap….. surely that means not amateur.

    Amateur the free route!

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  3. JeffGreenberg Says:

    Where’s the evidence that
    the clients don’t like them…?

    Horrendous assumption?

  4. Jeremy Nicholl Says:

    Massive PDN Friday FAIL: you’ve removed the link that reveals all these disasters are Russian

    I assume you did that because it undermined the point you were trying to make: doesn’t it suck when facts get in the way of a good story?

  5. Dan Havlik Says:

    The link is in post twice Jeremy and it doesn’t indicate these are from Russian photographers (though they may well be.)

  6. Keith Cooper Says:

    Tastes differ in different parts of the world.
    I’ve a set of ‘pro’ photos taken of a (UK) friend of mine who was married in China – the photos are to my tastes utterly cringeworthy, but seemingly by a top photographer.

    The pictures might make our toes curl, but somewhere a photographer is making a living :-)

  7. RJA Says:

    If memory doesn’t fail me, photography of this style was de rigueur in the seventies and early eighties. There is an aspect of ‘theater’ evident in all photography – in some more than others, apparently.

  8. Nick Says:

    As evidenced by a few of the comments here, there is a larger problem than just amateur quality work… I feel like peoples’ taste levels aren’t up to par.

    I think there is a good enough portion of the lay public who would think these were very “creative” and “fun.” Someone here mentioned “theater…” So I’d be afraid that most people wouldn’t see what’s wrong with the photos and think they’re perfectly fine.

    You can see the same phenomenon on Flickr… Horrid, ugly photos that have hundreds of positive comments.

    The saturation of amateur-grade photography in the marketplace has truly lowered the bar on what’s acceptable.