PMA 2011 Photography Show Rebrands Itself as CliQ

Posted by on Monday January 10, 2011 | Events

PMA, the annual photography trade show run by the Photo Marketing Association International, appears to have rebranded itself with a new name: CliQ. The new name will apparently be used at this year’s show in Las Vegas, NV on Sept 6-11, 2011.

A website called Cliqworld about the rebranded show has just leaked out. (Details about the CliQ site first appeared on Imaging Insider.)

PMA had been teasing an announcement about “CliQ” for several weeks now, saying the meaning behind the word would be revealed on January 11, 2011. PMA International, a photo retail trade group, even mailed a 33.5 x 24.5-inch CliQ poster to members of the photo industry which read: “See for yourself 1.1.11.” The poster featured an black-and-white close-up portrait of a model by photographer Joshua Williams.

The new name would be the latest change for the annual photo show, which moved its location to Anaheim, CA in 2010 and saw several major manufacturers drop out including Canon, Leica, Pentax and others. Along with moving back to Las Vegas and changing the dates from February to September, the rebranded CliQ event appears to be trying to attract a different audience than in years past.

Where previously the PMA show was mainly aimed at photo retailers, the new show seems to be targeting photographers. On the website, which appears to be an unofficial developer’s site, several photographers are being touted as “featured speakers” including Jasmine Starr, Scott Bourne, Tracey Clark, and Stacey Pearsall.

There’s also a contest mentioned with the prize being Nikon’s entry-level D3000 digital SLR.

When contacted by PDN, an official at PMA said full details about the CliQ show will be revealed tomorrow.

UPDATE: PMA has just launched a CliQ page on Facebook with some more details. Along with changing the focus of the show, it appears the retailer-centric PMA organization may be expanding to include photographers. “We’re photo enthusiasts, photographers, manufacturers, & retailers,” it states on the CliQ Facebook page.

(From Imaging Insider via 1001 Noisy Cameras.)




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