Photog Assaulted at Press Conference

Photographer Woody Marshall of the Macon, Georgia Telegraph was assaulted after at a state senator’s press conference last Thursday as he tried to photograph the senator leaving the building. Another reporter caught the incident on video:

State Senator Robert Brown held the three-minute press conference to respond to inflammatory statements he made about state Republicans to Macon TV station WMAZ earlier in the week. Afterward, Marshall ran for the doors to get more pictures of Brown as he was leaving when another man departing with the senator’s entourage stepped forward and attacked Marshall several times. The video shows the man pinning Marshall to the wall, and then a few seconds later rushing the photographer two more times and pushing him to the ground.

Marshall was interviewed by WMAZ after the incident. He was clearly shaken up, and appeared to be nursing a sore shoulder. During the interview, he raised his camera to show a police detective a photograph of his assailant.

Police later identified the assailant as Malik Brown. Robert Brown, the state senator, told WMAZ that he knew the man, but said the man was not a relative and was not on his staff. The state senator called the incident “unfortunate,” according to WMAZ.

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