PDN Video Pick: Night Surfing a Gargantuan Wave

As Jeff Spicoli of Fast Times at Ridgemont High might say: “Awesome! Totally awesome!”

That’s the reaction we had when we saw this short video clip of big wave surfer Mark Visser dropping in on a massive 15-foot swell in near total darkness in Maui last night. Visser had specially designed LED lights built into his surfboard and life vest and was towed into the wave by a jet ski. Other than that though, he was on his own in the dark while facing treacherous surf that’s known locally as “Jaws.” (Yikes!)

The stunt was part of a documentary series Visser is working on called “9 Lives.” Luckily he didn’t lose one of those lives during this spine-tingling night ride. (More details at Transworld Surf.)

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