PDN Video Pick: Jessica Dimmock’s First Feature to Debut at Slamdance

The feature film Without is a collaboration between writer/director Mark Jackson and photographer Jessica Dimmock, best known for her documentary series and book The Ninth Floor.

Without, which Jackson and Dimmock co-produced, will be screened at the Slamdance 2011 film festival in Park City, Utah, on January 23 and 25.

The film, which Dimmock says was shot last year on a “micro-budget,” is set on a remote, wooded island where a young woman works as a caretaker to a man in a vegetative state. According to the movie’s press release, “As the days wear on, her isolated routine devolves into a struggle with sexuality guilt and loss.”

Here’s the trailer:


To learn more about the film and its screenings at Slamdance, visit Right On Red Films.

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