Here’s Some “Stuff” Photojournalists Like

In the spirit of the popular blogs “Stuff White People Like” and “Stuff Journalists Like,” someone has started a little Tumblr blog called “Sh*t Photojournalists Like.” Seemed inevitable, right?

So what do photojournalists like, according to this blog? Well, there are a couple of things we like as well such as “Coffee Mugs that Look Like Lenses” and “Shooting Wide Open.”

What else? See for yourself and add your own suggestions here.

7 Responses to “Here’s Some “Stuff” Photojournalists Like”

  1. Jamie Says:

    Camera bags that Look cool hurt your shoulder! My billingham is a prime example, and I still want a Domke original.

  2. Holly Hughes PDN Says:

    This list makes no mention of keffiyehs or other long scarves.

  3. Fan of Photography Says:

    I’ve bought a couple of the lens mugs for gifts….huge hit!!

  4. Stevesupperlip Says:

    I hate that blog, found it a few days ago. I’m all for humor but I don’t think the person writing it understands what the word “subtlety” means. Snarky people deserve what’s coming to them.

  5. Alistair Says:

    No mention of needing more hours in the day, or a coffee machine in your camera bag, or more money for editorials…

    Is there one for studio photographers yet? Each post would be ‘I want a bigger studio’

  6. Leif Skoogfors Says:

    Real protection on images shot without having to do the registration with the Copyright Office while slugging through the mud on an assignment.

  7. "Stuff" Photojournalists Like Says:

    The posts are largely submitted by readers, further proof that photojs love to talk about themselves/make fun of themselves.

    So, if you have any ideas, submit away!