World Press Call for Entries: No Cr*p, Please

The 2011 World Press Photo Contest is now open for entries, according to a press release issued by contest organizers today.

The deadline for submissions is January 13, 2011. Entries may be submitted only via WPP’s online entry site. The deadline for requesting a user name and password to that site is January 7, 2011.

“Don’t send in something just because you shot it,” jury chair David Burnett advises. “Look at your work with a sharp eye. Don’t get tempted by fond or fuzzy memories, because the jurors will not have those. Be your own toughest editor. If you’re not tough on yourself, we will be. One bad picture in a story takes away the merit of two good ones.”

Single pictures as well as photo stories/portfolios are accepted in the following nine categories: Spot News, General News, People in the News, Sports, Contemporary Issues, Daily Life, Arts and Entertainment, Portraits, and Nature. The categories Sports Action and Sports Features have been combined into one category: Sports.

Visit for more information.

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