Sponsored Post: Massive Dev Chart App

Film Processing Timer for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad

The Massive Dev Chart app combines the world’s largest film development database from Digitaltruth Photo with an advanced multi-step timer, creating what is probably the best tool ever made for film development.

Its smart and easy-to-use interface includes access to over 8,000 preset development times which can be adjusted for temperature compensation, preferred processing methods and customized agitation sequences.

The timer provides separate optional steps for Development, Stop Bath, Fixing, Hypo Clear and Rinsing. Each step shows a progress bar and continuous display of the elapsing time, accurate to 1/10th of a second. Audio and visual indicators can be set for agitation sequences and alarms notify the end of every stage of development. Other features include a dilution calculator, a facility to save your favorites, and safelight modes.

Multi step development timer helps you to achieve consistent development results and convenient sound notifications remind you to agitate your tank while listening to your favorite iTunes music.

The Massive Dev Chart app can be downloaded from the App Store.


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