Photographer Platon Describes How He Evaded Burma’s Secret Police

TIME magazine’s new cover story looks at the life of Nobel Prize-winner Aung Sang Suu Kyi since Burma’s military regime released her from house arrest in November. has a video interview with photographer Platon, who describes the lengths he and reporter Hannah Beech had to go to in order to meet with their subject inside Burma, where most foreign journalists have been banned.  His tale involves disguises, a car chase, and a meeting with a woman who is revered as a heroine both inside her country and around the world.

Also on you can see some of Platon’s color and black-and-white portraits of Suu Kyi.

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6 Responses to “Photographer Platon Describes How He Evaded Burma’s Secret Police”

  1. Daniel Robb Says:

    Great story and images!

  2. Photographer Platon Describes How He Evaded Burma’s Secret Police « Muntz Blog Says:

    […] Photographer Platon Describes How He Evaded Burma’s Secret Police By muntzphoto via […]

  3. AC Says:

    Remarkable. Thank you.

  4. CD Says:

    I was followed in Rangoon and also in the north while on an assignment in Burma. My room was searched when I left to shoot more images. (I hid the film in ventilation vents) They were on to me form the get-go even though I came through on a tourist visa and was shooting a tourism style piece. I was questioned several times by my “driver.”

    Strange and beautiful place. Lovely people.

  5. Carl Says:

    All I can say is, “Brilliant!”

  6. JPR Says:

    Am I wrong in thinking that this cabbie is at incredible risk after these two “professionals” had their exciting adventure with him at the wheel. Won’t the police make his life hell? Imprison him? Torture him? Is a picture and story worth another person’s life or security? Or is ok because he is a local?

    If I were the management at Time I would sack Platon and Hanna Beech immediately. That was inexcusably reckless and irresponsible action on their part. The worst that would have happened if they had not fled is they would have been sent home by the authorities. Too bad the same won’t happen to their driver.