Still life photographer Dwight Eschliman produced two Lego stop-motion animations for WIRED Magazine’s iPad launch issue. Eschliman says Wired ended up using the first one, Lego iPad, and the Lego Lamborghini piece became a fun outtake. Eschliman says he used two cameras tethered to two capture machines overhead two side-by-side Lego sets (he used the Hasselblad H2 w/ PhaseOne P65+). He started with all of the pieces on one side and simply assembled the Lego Car one piece at a time. “Take picture on right, move piece to left, take picture on left. Repeat 801 times.”




Video Pick: Magnus Wennman Pushes Boundaries with “Fatima’s Drawings”

Posted by on Monday April 4, 2016 | PDN Video Picks, Photojournalism

FATIMA’S DRAWINGS from Magnus Wennman on Vimeo. Among three finalists for the World Press Photo short form multimedia prize is Magnus Wennman’s outstanding 5-1/2 minute video called “Fatima’s Drawings.” His “Where the Children Sleep” project was widely published last year, and “Fatima’s Drawings” is a continuation of his work documenting the plight of refugee children... More

W.M. Hunt on Making “Art” and Artists’ Statements

Posted by on Monday August 3, 2015 | Fine Art, PDN Video Picks

Veteran collector, curator and photography consultant W.M. Hunt has a reputation for his straight-talking career advice. In this exclusive PDN video, he talks about a strategic mistake made by many aspiring fine-art photographers, and how to avoid it. He also demystifies the process of writing a good artist’s statement, and makes a case against spending... More