Will the Sigma SD1’s Price Be $2,000?

It’s hard to get any photo manufacturer to go on (or even off) the record at a trade show when it comes to future announcements so it was with some surprise when a Sigma representative told us at PhotoPlus Expo that pricing for the upcoming SD1 digital SLR would be around $2,000. If you haven’t heard of the SD1, it’s Sigma’s soon-to-be flagship DSLR which made its American debut at PhotoPlus Expo in New York last week.

Sigma, somewhat controversially, is claiming the SD1 will have 46 megapixels of resolution because it uses a Foveon X3 imaging sensor which has three layers with 15.3MP on each. Some blogging pixel counters have taken umbrage with that claim. (Yeah, good times.)

Sigma has said the SD1 will ship in February 2011 but, as far as we know, it has not been priced. After we asked this Sigma rep if that $2,000 price tag was “official,” we were told it’s based on an interview a Sigma official from Japan gave during photokina.

PDNPulse and its crack team of Google-based investigators has scoured the Internet looking for said interview but so far we’ve come up dry. So let’s take that $2,000 pricetag for the SD1 as a “definite maybe.”

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