Yes, it may seem a little early for “Best of Year” round-ups but Reuters has just posted an excellent look back at its favorite photos of 2010.

What we like about this gallery is that along with culling together a diverse group of favorites, the images include extensive captions from the photographers themselves about the circumstances behind the shots. Check out the revealing write-up below from photographer Dylan Martinez on how he made this serendipitous image from the Reuters gallery.

©REUTERS/Dylan Martinez

“Never leave home without your camera. Well, luckily on this summer’s day I didn’t. It was late evening and I had a sudden desire for an ice cream. As I strolled to the very nice “gelateria” near my house I could hear the thud of what I think is still called ‘house music.’ My family and I had just returned from holiday that afternoon and were unaware that a music festival was taking place on Clapham Common – a large park some five minutes from home. As I walked to get my ice cream I noticed this couple, obviously in high spirits and blissfully unaware of all around them. I picked up my camera, a quiet unassuming Nikon D700. I pointed, focused and guessed the light. I then bought my ice cream and tried to look for another picture, but it’s hard to shoot with one hand holding a cone.” Nikon D700, lens 50mm, f1.8, 1/60 sec, ISO 1000




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