Photographer’s $11K Nikon Rig Trashed in Drag Race Mishap (VIDEO)

This’ll bring a tear to the eye of any photographer. Mark J. Rebilas recently lost his Nikon D700, 400mm f/2.8 lens, and Pocket Wizard set-up to an out-of-control dragster speeding along at 250 miles an hour.

Luckily for Rebilas, the camera rig was set up remotely so he was nowhere near it when the race car went sideways.

Unluckily for him, $11,000 worth of gear was scattered in pieces all over the track.

(Via PetaPixel from f stoppers.)

8 Responses to “Photographer’s $11K Nikon Rig Trashed in Drag Race Mishap (VIDEO)”

  1. Bill Says:

    I sure hope you have good insurance!

  2. jon Says:

    Oh – so sad! Yeah – sure do hope has good insurance. Hope he posts detailed stills of the lens remains.

  3. Who Cares... Says:

    Boo-Hoo! Poor him. Now he has to drive off into the sunset in his $50K Corvette.

  4. Terry Clark Says:

    That’s why we insure our gear.

  5. Gary Brindle Says:

    The insurance premium would be huge for a risk like this..provided he told them how close his kit was to the cars. A lot of photographers cannot afford all risks premiums if they are honest.

    I do have sympathy for him.

  6. Visitor Says:

  7. scott Says:

    The gear can be replaced….. I was wondering how much he’ll lose now that the world know what he keeps in the trunk of that car. Hope he doesn’t tweet his out of town business. Can’t imagine what he lose if someone drove off with that car.

  8. Phil Says:

    So, because he is a photographer, he’s not allowed to earn a good enough of a living to drive a Corvette?