What Happened to the #%*$@#@ Medium Format Video

Posted by on Thursday October 14, 2010 | Fun

We’ve decided to take down the humorous Xtranormal video of two animated bears discussing the trials and tribulations of buying a medium-format digital camera because it contained profanity which some PDN staff members found objectionable.

It’s worth noting that we originally found the clip on the Twitter stream of Leica Camera, a company that is parodied in the video. If you’d still like to see the #%*$@#@ clip, you can find a link on that feed. We have to hand it to Leica and the other companies spoofed in the video for having a healthy sense of humor.




In Honor of World Photography Day, Here’s the Most Popular PDN Photos of the Day

Posted by on Friday August 19, 2016 | Fun, Uncategorized

Here at PDN, every day is World Photography Day. But in recognition of August 19th’s international holiday dedicated to celebrating passion for photography, PDN‘s editors are bringing attention to some of the most popular photographs that you, our readers, have enjoyed over the past three years. We’ve dug through our archives to showcase some of the most popular... More

Your Favorite Hip Hop Photo Book is Now a Coloring Book

Posted by on Wednesday August 10, 2016 | Fun

Back in the Days, photographer Jamel Shabazz’s classic photo book on 1980s street style and the roots of hip hop culture, has never been in out of print since it was published in 2001. Now Shabazz’s collection of street photography is getting a fun remix. Book publisher powerHouse Books, which published the original Back in... More