Photographer vs. Videographer in Wedding Brawl (VIDEO)

We know that wedding photographers and videographers don’t always get along but this is a little ridiculous. Watch these two Russian lensmen trade blows as their gear goes flying. Our favorite part: the other photographers and videographers shooting the action like it’s a breaking news story. (Maybe it was Putin’s daughter’s wedding?)

(Via Gawker TV from Photography Bay)

10 Responses to “Photographer vs. Videographer in Wedding Brawl (VIDEO)”

  1. Chris Moncus Says:

    NOOOO Not the gear!!!!

    Is there any backstory to this?

  2. Victor Tavares Says:

    Fake. You guys have been conned. The two videographers from the same company fight each other. Gear looks fake too.

  3. Stan Badz Says:

    Sad, very non-professional if this really happened….

  4. Justine Ungaro Says:

    Very fake. Looked like the way a couple of 12 year old girls might fight each other. :)

  5. Chloe Says:

    I can’t say I’ve ever felt this strongly about a videographer. Venue managers on the otherhand… ahem.

  6. rapherPhotog Says:

    Not fake. Territorial.
    Freelance street vendors.
    Not hired by wedding party.
    They hang around popular “photo opp” spots.
    They shoot on spec & hope to sell afterwards.

  7. dima Says:

    i am from russia
    this is fake 100%))

  8. dima Says:

    inscription in the end it was a joke, 3 frames studio:)

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  10. Janey R. Jonesj Says:

    One of the greatest and most televised Russian v Russian brawls happened at the Paris airshow years ago. The show often featured mishaps of Russian planes, which over the years featured solo fighter crashes, a solo crash of the Russian knockoff of the Concorde, and other exciting crashes.

    But the best of all was the incident in which two Russian pilots were flying their fighters in formation. Somehow they got their signals mixed up and had a midair collision. Both planes crashed, but both pilots ejected safely and floated to the ground and landed a few feet from each other. The pilots each blamed the other for the midair, and proceeded to have a fistfight, witnessed and filmed by police, cameramen, firemen, ambulance drivers, etc.