Steve McCurry Marks End of Kodachrome Era with Global Trip

Last summer when Kodak announced it was discontinuing its once popular Kodachrome film, Steve McCurry requested the last 36-frame roll manufactured by the company.

For nine months he planned a nostalgic journey to places he shot in the past. Followed closely by a National Geographic Channel TV crew, McCurry ventured this past June on a six-week global trip that brought him from Brooklyn to southern Asia, Italy and Turkey, and finally to Parsons, Kansas, where Dwayne’s Photo, the only Kodachrome-friendly film processing facility left in the world, processed McCurry’s roll.

Those who still have unused and/or unprocessed Kodachrome should take note: Dwayne’s will quit processing the film at the end of this year.

National Geographic Channel is planning on broadcasting a documentary about McCurry’s journey sometime in 2011

—Cameron Handley

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4 Responses to “Steve McCurry Marks End of Kodachrome Era with Global Trip”

  1. Dave Says:

    Who would have thought. I can still hear that song by Paul Simon in my head and sure enough… they took his Kodachrome away! :)
    Who better for this nostalgic trip than Steve McCurry? End of an era.

  2. Mark Says:

    I never did like the stuff. Oh please take my Kodachrome from me.

  3. Wesley Says:

    one roll of film, one photographer, whole TV crew and six weeks – am I missing something?

  4. ken lieberman Says:

    yes, Wesley
    STEVE McCurry!!