Photo by Genevieve de Manio

Barbara Kinney and Genevieve De Manio were hired to act as Chelsea Clinton’s “official” photographers at the former first daughter’s wedding in Rhinebeck, New York,
this past weekend. Unfortunately, they can’t talk to anyone about the experience.

Neither photographer is allowed to comment on any aspect of the wedding or on the
images they shot for Clinton and her new husband Marc Mezvinsky. Selected shots
taken by Kinney and de Manio during the event have been distributed to the


Photo by Barbara Kinney

Kinney, based in Seattle, Washington, was a staff photographer at The White House
during the Clinton administration. She was also given unprecedented access as Hillary Clinton's personal campaign photographer, documenting the historical race for the Democratic presidential nomination. What Kinney can comment on is her relationship with the Clintons over the past several years, saying that because of her history with Bill Clinton in the White House and with Hillary during her campaign, they feel comfortable with her as a photographer and as a result, have always given her great access.

De Manio is a well-known Boston-based photographer who assisted several fashion and portrait photographers in New York and Boston before opening her own wedding photography studio in 1997.




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