Photoshop Disasters (Part 2): Jersey Shore’s JWOWW Loses Her Belly Button

First we had the case of the missing caddie. Now one of the stars of MTV's Jersey Shore — the prosaically named JWOWW — appears to have lost her belly button to a clumsy Photoshop job.

Check out the nearly buttonless shot to the left from Maxim; and the "before" photo to the right with strategically placed religious ornamentation dangling.

(If you ask us, they both look like disasters…waka waka.)

(From Gawker via ONTD)


3 Responses to “Photoshop Disasters (Part 2): Jersey Shore’s JWOWW Loses Her Belly Button”

  1. whocares Says:

    Please stop wasting our time with dribble like this – and please stop erasing comments you find uncomfortable – it’s as bad as erasing caddies…

  2. Dan Havlik Says:

    I’m going ignore the fact that you post anonymously and don’t seem to know the difference between “dribble” and “drivel” but there are rules of civility on this blog and your previous comment broke them.
    Play nice or don’t bother commenting. Got it?

  3. Yourmom Says:

    Lol this is so old. Whoever pointed out thisbfail htsmdkmakkdnsjdhhbchxnnxidndnncjxmxkf