Magnum Adds Two News Photographers As Nominees

Moises Saman and Dominic Nahr have been invited to join Magnum Photos as nominees, members of the photo agency have confirmed. 


 The cooperative photo agency held its 2010 annual meeting in New York June 24 through 27. Mark Lubell, managing director of Magnum, says that during the meetings members elected to elevate Jacob Au Sobol from nominee to Associate Member status.  Chris Anderson was made a full member. Lubell also says Magnum will not publicly release the names of its nominees until next week.   Saman, who is based in New York, is a freelancer who shoots for The New York Times; Nahr, who is based in Nairobi, is currently represented by Reportage/Getty Images. 


Nominees are selected by Magnum members after a review of their applications.  After two years, nominees can submit a new portfolio and apply to become “associate members,” a status that binds them to all the rules of the agency. After another two years, associate members can apply to become full members, which allows them to vote on corporate decisions and serve as directors of the photographer-run agency.  


In recent years, divisions have formed between Magnum members who primarily pursue the traditional documentary work for which Magnum was first known and members focused more on making art sold through galleries.  The nomination of two photographers who have recently covered news in Haiti, Afghanistan and the Congo may signal a victory for the documentary camp.  

2 Responses to “Magnum Adds Two News Photographers As Nominees”

  1. Alec Soth Says:

    One of the reasons I wanted to be in Magnum is because of the diversity of approaches to the medium. There is such a broad spectrum within the agency that these lines between ‘art’ and ‘photojournalism’ have blurred beyond recognition. I certainly would never say that there is a ‘documentary camp.’

  2. pam Says:

    I don’t know that I would disagree with the “documentary camp” statement. When I had images at PhotoShelter they had a hookup with Magnum that allowed photographers who hosted their images at PhotoShelter to prepare specific galleries of theirs to enter a contest or promotion (I forget which one, it has been awhile). To see what Magnum has similar to what I produce I spent appreciable time (at least 10 or 12 hours) on the site looking through almost all members portfolios, and would have to agree that the site has a very distinct and obvious “documentary” leaning. Landscape and Nature photography, in and of itself, was very sparse and none of it was recent.