Italian Photographer Shot and Killed Taking Wedding Portrait

Remember way back when a wedding portrait translated into an awkward pose of the bride and groom up against a nondescript wall? It may have been boring but at least it was safe and everyone lived. Tragically, an Italian photographer in Sicily did not survive after being accidentally shot while having his bride and groom pose with guns for a unique wedding day image.

According to an item in the Daily Mail ( photographer Calogero Scimea asked both the bride's and the groom's parents if they had any guns to use as props and after some hunting rifles were supplied, one went off accidentally and hit Scimea in the head and killed him. It is apparently common in Southern Italy, and Sicily in particular, for guns to be fired at family events or festivals as part of the celebration.

The tragedy occurred right before the couple were about to head off to their local church near Palermo for their wedding ceremony, which was immediately cancelled. Palermo police spokesman Colonel Teo Luzi told reporters that Scimea was only there as a favor to the originally booked photographer who pulled out before the event due to illness.

The police are reporting that the guns were legally held but there is speculation over who owned the one that killed Scimea, the bride's parents or the groom's, as well as who was holding it when it went off. "What we are trying to establish is if the gun went off as it was
being handled by the photographer or if it went off as it was handed to
him but noone is being very talkative," said Luzi.

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