Get Your Web Site Reviewed (and Published on PDNOnline)

We’re offering 3 PDN subscribers the chance to get an objective, constructive review by Web designers and  a client who reviews photo Web sites regularly.  We’ll publish photos from the three Web sites, and the reviewers’ critiques and suggestions, on PDNOnline.  

The three reviewers are:

Stella Kramer, freelance photo editor and consultant

Richard Koci Hernandez, photojournalist, Web design professor at University of California Berkeley’s journalism school

Brad Kuhns, VP/Customer Service, IPNStock and designer of photography and stock web sites

As in our July article, “Is Your Web Site Friendly or Frustrating to Clients?”, the three reviewers will offer their suggestions about image sizes, interface, ease of navigation, use of technology and search engine optimization.

For instructions on how to submit your Web site to get a free review, PDN subscribers should visit this page:  Have Your Web Site Reviewed on PDNOnline.  Send us your submission by noon EST on Monday July 26. That's when PDN editors will pick the 3 entries to send to our reviewers. 

One Response to “Get Your Web Site Reviewed (and Published on PDNOnline)”

  1. Lincoln Barbour Says:

    This sounds really cool and I would love to be considered, but I’m having issues logging in to do it.
    I am a subscriber (ID # 152598NPDN) and I can not login to my account. None of the usernames or passwords I normally use work.
    I’m trying to get my password sent to me again. The system asks me for my birthday to verify my email address, but no matter which way I enter in my birthday, it comes back invalid. So, is it, MM/DD/YY or Month, DD, YEAR, or ????
    Also, I tried creating a new account but it says it can find me.
    I have tried contact tech support but no one got back to me.
    Some help would be greatly appreciated.
    Lincoln Barbour