Panasonic G2 Commercial Seemingly Shot with Canon 5D Mark II


Panasonic’s PR department must be kicking itself for releasing this behind-the-scenes video of the making of a new commercial for the Panasonic Lumix G2.

Watch the clip below and you’ll see the Canon 5D Mark II with Canon L-series glass being used frequently throughout the filming of the spot even though the G2 shoots 720p HD.

Truthfully, most consumers — who this camera and the commercial are primarily aimed at — aren’t going to notice (or care) but camera geeks will and the behind-the-scenes footage is already turning up far and wide in the tech blog-o-sphere.


UPDATE: Looks like the behind-the-scenes video has been removed. Wonder why.

(Via Photography Bay & CrunchGear)

9 Responses to “Panasonic G2 Commercial Seemingly Shot with Canon 5D Mark II”

  1. Iain Says:

    Like the professional teams behind fotography and film are going to use Panasonic equipment. Nikon and Canon are leading in the professional market, so it would be *logical* to see teams all over the world use Canon or Nikon.

  2. frank Says:

    Panasonic gear actually shows up quite frequently in the professional film and video world, Iain. Not this Lumix camera perhaps. But D5 and plasma and LCD monitors are in all of the professional facilities, FYI.

  3. Ant Says:

    Regardless, they are committing fraud no? Shame Lumix/Panasonic. Someone is going to get fired over this. Too bad, they actually make pretty fair point and shoots.

  4. TR Says:

    Nikon has no market share in the video professional market. And Canon is way behind Sony.

  5. amused Says:

    it is the production house’s prerogative on what equipment they want to use. panasonic hired the ad agency and production house for their idea, not based on what equipment they use. if panasonic dictates that they use only panasonic video cameras to shoot this ad beause THIS IS A PANASONIC CAMERA AD, they will be compromising the creativity, quality of the ad – since the director and crew is probably used to their own equipment. i don’t need to bring in time sensitive schedule and budget to retrain crew to use new equipment, do i?
    i cannot believe how stupid and narrow minded some people are to be debating this. stop being shit stirrers.

  6. grumpy Says:

    @amused: Well, Olympus seems to be doing just the opposite – aggressively promoting the fact that their Olympus PEN E-PL1 commercial was in fact shot with one. Highly effective too, in my opinion. No better way to sell it.

  7. Vitor M. Says:

    At least Olympus made their commercial using their own gear 😀

  8. ebPic Says:

    Kinda nice to see (ex ;-P) pro-producers using HDSLRs for commercial work though!
    TBH its not *that* bad using other peoples products in the making of your own commercials. I bet alot of car commercials are shot from camera cars which are not the brand of the car being shot.
    Releasing a BTS showing it so obviously is stupid though. Can’t beleive nobody at Pana noticed this on the BTS. Why release the BTS if it obviously shows you demonstrating someone elses product.
    Is it mirrored anywhere? Seems to have vanished of youtube now!

  9. Jack Vane Says:

    They pulled the video on youtube, anyone got another link to it?