Toronto-based photojournalist Brett Gundlock, who was arrested by police while photographing G20 protesters over the weekend, says his government-issued press credential was clearly visible to the officers who took him into custody on Saturday evening. A photograph taken by a Reuters photographer at the scene even shows his visible badge during the arrest, he says.

Gundlock also said he held the press badge up and pointed it out to police before he was wrestled to the ground and cuffed with zip ties.

After being charged with obstructing a peace officer and unlawful assembly, Gundlock and a colleague were released on bail. The conditions of Gundlock’s bail prevent him from attending or photographing protests until July 2, and he’s not permitted to go into downtown Toronto until Monday, July 4, he told PDN. He is scheduled to appear in court in August.

Gundlock added that seven photojournalists he knows were arrested or detained over the last weekend, when more than 900 demonstrators were detained. According to reports, the mass arrests are the largest in Canadian history.

Today Gundlock posted some of the photographs he took of the protests on his blog, here. They show violent protesters, vandals and looters, and include a photograph of a police cruiser on fire.

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